The best paella in Barcelona Guitó

The best paella in Barcelona

In our restaurant, we have always stood by our tapas, being one of the reference in the Gran Vía in Barcelona, in terms of tapas refers. But today we want to talk about another of our specialties, Rices. In this section, Guitó, renowned for his paellas and his now famous, rice with lobster. We have made of the paellas, our sign of identity, and one of the main reasons, why come to our restaurant, both tourists, as residents of the area.

Today we want to share with you, some important details to make a paella. Details that many overlook or do not give it the importance it deserves, and end up making paella that do not convince anyone, with little flavour and without any grace.

The secrets of a good paella

  • The broth

Possibly, here is the key to success. Paella broth will provide most of the flavor, either for a paella of seafood, vegetable or mixed, making it a good stock, will make your rice dishes, they are a success.

Paellea, traditional spanish dish with rice and sea fruits

  • Sofrito

This is another of the important points to make paella. Ideally, do this several hours earlier, and simmer, without haste. The sauce is something very customizable, so each one can put that go more to their tastes, although mainly, should be done with a good oil of olive, pepper and onion. Depending on the paella, seafood, or mixed we can make a sauce or another, but always, using fresh products, in addition, we can go the change, until you find the perfect sauce.

mixed paella in barcelona tapas restaurant guito

  • Fresh products

If you want to make the perfect paella, you must use fresh products, yes or Yes. Although frozen seafood can be used to make paella, if what we want is to highlight, is not obliged to use fresh and quality products, something that Guitó, we have to strictly. Fresh seafood, follows all of its flavor and aroma in the paella pan, leaving unforgettable sensations in our palate.

fresh Galician seafood in barcelona restaurant guito

  • Rice

Without a doubt, the perfect rice for paella, is the bomba rice. Why is the best rice? Because among other things, it gives you a margin of a few minutes when cooking, so it's not so complicated to find the point, and therefore run less risk of ruining a paella for having a last rice.

pump for seafood in barcelona paella rice

  • The oven

Here depends on a little if you like dry or rather soupy rice. For us, it ideal, is let the paella them last 4 minutes of cooking in the oven, this will make that the rice is Browning slightly and you of a flavor very characteristic and traditional.

Then we should remove the paella and let stand another 3 minutes out of the oven. With this we got to ending the rice to absorb all the flavours of the ingredients, and have the perfect paella, that dropping to friends and family.

Vegetable paella restaurant guito barcelona

Here are some tips for making the perfect paella, but if you like, is to sit down to eat, without worries and without thinking of the kitchen, you can then reserve a table in our restaurant, and try one of the best paellas in the Catalan capital. We look forward!