Where to eat during the Diada 2016 in Barcelona?

Where to eat during the Diada 2016 in Barcelona?

Approaching the “Diada”, and in Guitó, we will receive with open arms. This 11 September 2016, we wanted to prepare a menu, which is at the height of the importance that this day in Catalonia. A menu with traditional Catalan cuisine, and where used, native products of quality, to make your experience at our restaurant, unforgettable. Now you know where to eat during the 2016 national day in Barcelona. You hope with a smile and open arms.

You can see the menu at the bottom of the article.

Now let’s see a bit of history on the national day.

The 2016 national day in Barcelona held on 11 September, this is without doubt one of the most anticipated days of the year by the Catalans, is the day of Catalonia or “Diada Nacional de Catalunya”. Throughout the day, both the Catalan capital, and other towns of the region, show all her charms to the rest of the world.

History – how did everything start?

After long fourteen months of siege, by the Bourbon troops during the war of the Spanish succession, on 11 September 1914, there was the famous “takes in Barcelona” which is, precisely, what is commemorated with the “Diada”. Charles II was the last representative of the “House of Austria” in Spain, at the time who died without leaving any offspring in the year of 1700.

During the succession, his Grand-nephew, i.e. Philip of Anjou who later it would be King Felipe V of the House of Bourbon, was the opposite of the Archduke Charles, who, in turn, belonged to the Austrian Hapsburgs branch and, also, nephew of Carlos II.

So, the war of the Spanish succession, which RID among the followers of the already mentioned Habsburgs (the House of Austria, reiterate), on one side, and supporters of the Bourbon, on the other hand, in a struggle for the throne, acrimonious ended with the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.

However, and in reality or, if you prefer, de-facto, confrontations continued in Spain and on to Barcelona, supporters of the Archduke (Austria House) were submitted to the aforementioned site of 14 months, by the Bourbon troops.

Then, the defence of Barcelona during those fourteen months has become to September 11 a true symbol of regionalism, in the first instance, and nationalism, more late and in the second instance. The resistance was led by the highest political and military authority of the city at the time, Rafael Casanova who was considered (and it still is in some areas) as a “Spanish Patriot”.

On the other hand, but in the same order of ideas, we have that it is nowadays also considered as one of the most important icons of Catalanism.

The activities that will be carried out during the Diada 2016 in Barcelona.

In what regard, this time, to them activities that is carried to out during this celebration, have that them parties political and some entities public and private, by tradition make offerings floral in them monuments of Josep Moragues and, of course, of Rafael Casanova. This is done in Barcelona, as it is more than obvious, but also in the rest of Catalonia.

The pro-independence organizations, also have offerings in the cemetery of the mulberry trees, that are buried many of the defenders who were killed during the siege of the city. In another order of ideas but in the same sense, note that, since 2004, and during the next Diada 2016 in Barcelona, the celebration is in charge of the Government of Catalonia and is carried out in the famous and beautiful Parc de la Ciutadella.

A day to eat in family

Without a doubt, the “Diada”, is the perfect day to go out and eat with the family, and spend a day full of emotions. In the restaurant you Guitó, we already have everything ready everything our clients nothing. As you may know, our specialties are seafood paellas, the Galician beef steak and of course, our already recognized tapas, which according to the prestigious newspaper 20Minutos, our tapas are the best in Barcelona, and give it to the Guitó, the title of best restaurant for tapas in Barcelona.  You can see the list of votes here

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