Where to eat in la Mercè 2016 – the best paella in Barcelona

Where to eat in la Mercè 2016 – the best paella in Barcelona

The day of La Mercè 2016 in Barcelona, is the largest street festival that is held in the city, among the 22 days of September and the 25th of the same month. This holiday, in fact, more days and takes place in honour of the Mare Deu de la Mercè, or what is the same, the Madre de Dios la Merced, who is the patron saint of the city of Barcelona.

La Mercè, dismisses the summer and welcomes you in the cool months of fall.

Activities in la Mercè

In 2016, there will be hundreds of activities of different nature that is carried to out in the city Condal. The streets will be full, thanks to the important amount of events, “correfocs”, concerts, giant, castellers, parades and much more. They are days that Barcelona, full of life and joy, and that attracts tourists from all over the world. donde-Comer-en-la-Merce-2016-Barcelona

In what regard, specifically, to those points more outstanding of the Mercè of Barcelona, have the famous Correfoc, located in Via Laietana. The exact date of the event has not been confirmed yet. What is known is relation to the times: “juniors” and “adults” at 20:30 and 18:30. 

To do so, suggests hats, thick fabric and long-sleeved shirts and goggles, so we resguardemos us of the sparks of the others.

Usually (and this year will be no exception), presents two types of fire run during the night, that is, one for the kids which is much calmer, and the other, for the adults held, more input night.

The Castellers

Is is of an event that is performed in the beautiful plate of Sant Jaume and the date not is has confirmed yet. It is known the time: 12:30. Here are the program of festivities.

For tourists who have never seen this show, say that the Castellers aims to build a human tower, at the time that a guy should ascend to the top of the same tower and it gets foot in such a Summit. Requires excellent planning to build this human tower, at the time that it is necessary a hard team work. Is a spectacle worthy of being seen.

Giants parade is one of the most important events of this Mercè 2016. It carries out in the Plaça St. Jaume at 11:00 Saturday 24. They are huge giants with varied images of Kings, Queens and nobles who March through the streets of the city.

And finally, have the fantastic closing of them parties, with some impressive fires artificial that can see to the perfection from plate Espanya, next to the source magic of Montjuïc.

Where to eat during the Mercè 2016

These paella in barcelona restaurant guitodays, the streets are packed with people. Where to eat in la Mercè, can become complicated if you didn’t book a table in advance. For this reason we recommend that you book a table at restaurant Guito as soon as possible, and in this way, don’t miss site in your favorite restaurant’s Gran Via Catalan. We remind you that in Guitó, you can enjoy some of the best tapas in Barna, as well as first quality Galician meats and in case outside little, you can also enjoy, which many already have been listed as the best paella of seafood in the city.

Here you have the menu for Saturday, day of la Mercèmenu-Mercè-guito