Where to eat near the Fira Barcelona? Plaça Espanya

Restaurant close to the Fira de Barcelona, Plaza España

With its major international events, the most important in Europe, and its magnificent facilities, the Fira de Barcelona, is an unmissable if you plan to visit this attractive city. In this article you mention, all the events and fairs which will be held from the remainder of the month of October until December 2016.

To these events, they tend to go thousands of people each year. Are days in which the city, and in concrete, the area of Montjuïc, is full of tourists, speakers and attendees to the fairs. In the restaurant Guitó, we know that in days, so paramount for all those people, to find a place in which to be able to eat well, fast and not very expensive. Guitó, cuisine is traditional and quality, being the seafood paella and tapas Spanish, their strong points.

Here’s a map so you know, how to get to our restaurant

Salons and events at the Fira de Barcelona

  1. Hostelco (23 to 26 oct 2016)

A renowned event for catering equipment, will surprise you with a great novelty this year; is is of the Organization of the square, a space where the more important chefs of pastry, ice cream and bakery, displayed to the public their more recent innovations.

  1. Forum Gastronomic (23 to the 26 oct 2016)

In combination with Hostelco, El Fòrum Gastronòmic will have eight restaurants in the city of Barcelona, willing to please the palates of visitors with a variety of gastronomic proposals involving the best cuisines in the world.

  1. IoT Solutions World Congress (25 to 27 oct 2016)

With over 160 exhibitors and 200 speakers, the World Congress of solutions prepares for better editing, introducing the most advanced technological developments proposed by the IO for different industrial sectors.

  1. Salón del Manga (29 oct to nov 01 2016)

This event constitutes a new figure record, some 10,000 meters square over, in comparison with the edition of the year last. With great content, this edition extends the programme of activities related to Japan, where the manga lovers, enjoy other aspects, such as the Japanese literature and its relationship with the manga and anime; contests cosplay, dances, musical performances, cuisine and Japanese restaurants displays, workshop kitchen and culinary exhibition; Arts martial Japanese, area children with games and a host of activities related with the traditions Japanese, named the spirit of Japan, among many activities more.

  1. Expominer (11 to 13 nov 2016)

Dare you to live an experience unsurpassed, to the appreciate an of the more extensive exhibition of minerals, meteorites, fossil, gems authentic and others stones precious in diversity of colors and sizes. This event also integrates educational activities, commercial jobs, experimental workshops, and many other surprises.

  1. miBoda (12 to 13 Nov 2016)

Symbol of an icon at bridal fairs that leads the industry, with a long list of qualified suppliers and exhibitors offering a competitive service and absolute guidance on new trends and methods to carry out, in a successful way, a celebration of this magnitude; waiting for those couple seeking to organize a perfect wedding, where you can comfortably cover all aspects, such as: dresses, banquets, photographers, hair salon and bridal makeup, invitations, decoration, shoes, costumes for guests or bridesmaids, Bridal furniture or tents, comes many other things.

  1. Smart City Expo World Congress (15 to 17 nov 2016)

Smart City Expo, is the number 1 in the world from the Conference that provides solutions for smart cities, in order to promote the quality of life people who inhabit it. This great event will bring to experts and leaders of opinion, representatives urban regional, national and international, institutions academic, centres of research, incubators and investors with power of decision.

  1. Circular Economy European Summit (15 to 17 nov 2016)

Visitors to this event, may receive valuable information on the part of the experts most important international, on circular economy, new economic model which aims to build prosperity long term in society.

  1. Iwater (15 to the 17 nov-2016)

An event directed to the water sector in southern Europe, the Mediterranean basin and Latin America, with a quality of first-class exhibitors, who will report on the technological projects with an innovative approach.

  1. European Utility Week Barcelona (15 to the 17 nov-2016)

The programme of the Conference of the European week of utility, has more than 450 speakers experts and is designed to serve professionals in the industry in search of strategic discussions on business models and the latest news from the market, as well as case studies that highlight innovative solutions and technologies.

  1. Auto Retro (24 to 27 nov 2016)

If you’re a lover of automobiles and motorcycles in collection, then no you will miss this appointment with Auto Retro. This event brings once more, a wide range of activities, where highlights a show with the classic bikes of mountain on the outskirts of the campus.

  1. IBTM World (29 nov to 01 Dec 2016)

IBTM, an exhibition aimed at tourism and business trips, whose program hosts events and most important industry incentives in the world, with a selective team of exhibitors who delve into various aspects such as: agencies, destinations, accommodations from luxury, attractions, entertainment, airlines, conventions and hotel chains, among many others. In addition, it offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the latest products and services that promotes this large tourism industry.

  1. Occasion (Dec 02 to 11 Dec 2016)

Opportunity Expo is an event which displays the products of the automotive industry with the aim of effectively promoting the development of second chance and technology vehicles in a new.

  1. Festival of children (27 Dec to 04 Jan 2017)

The Festival of childhood is the event that attracts thousands of children each year, which invites you to a great experience, through its various activities related to sports such as climbing, soccer or skating; educational workshops, crafts and recreation programs initiative based on ideas that promote values.