Where to eat the best beef ribeye in Barcelona?

Where to eat the best beef ribeye in Barcelona?

In a careful search for a truly world-class steak, the first places that come to mind are New York, Chicago and Buenos Aires, as these sites are characterized by having some of the best meats on the planet, but for some Years, Galicia has been steadily gaining ground, thanks to the fantastic quality of the beef that is breeding there.

The vast majority of tourists visit Spain with the idea of ​​eating tapas, paella and seafood, and since Spanish is the second consumer of seafood on the land after the Japanese, this idea is well-suited. So on occasion, the excellent cuts of ribeye steaks of Galician beef from Spain, are often overlooked for many, but not for those who know the true culinary secrets of this beautiful place. In this article we want to highlight the wonderful gastronomic experience of tasting a good veal steak, for those who do not yet know it.

Galician beef What is so special?

Galicia has a great culture in meat, mainly that comes from animals that preserve a very demanding method of food and a quality control, from steers to the oldest keep the guarantee of a delicious taste. An exceptional dish with beef, is the ribeye of veal Galician.

In 1996, the European Union recognized Galician beef, as the first meat that has an integral control and a certificate that guarantees a high quality of production. The meat is exclusively from Galicia, of native breeds. Integral control is present from the moment calves are born, throughout their upbringing, until they are sacrificed and marketed.

Properties and characteristics of Galician beef

At Guitó restaurant, we only use the best veal, which is why the veal ribeye of 600 gr, has become one of the star dishes of our local

Here we leave you some of the properties and benefits that this type of meat has for our health.

This meat is mainly characterized by being lean, with a high protein content of excellent quality, has an intense and pleasant taste, and is pinkish in appearance; Provides excellent nutritional values, such as minerals: iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and zinc, phosphorus proteins and B vitamins.

Benefits of Galician beef

Its low fat content and high water content at the same time, add favorable conditions for the preservation of health, favoring the easy digestion.

  • Intellectual development benefits from the high content of phosphorus.
  • It benefits the nervous system due to its rich content of thiamine and riboflavin.
  • Organic growth is maintained thanks to its contribution in niacin.
  • Vitamins B5 and B promote the metabolic process of proteins and carbohydrates.
  • The production of red blood cells also benefits from its great contribution of vitamin B12.

The secrets of Galician beef

From the veal meat comes the range of Galician beef supreme, which is a meat of very high quality in Galicia, practically unbeatable. This meat comes exclusively from the calves of the Galician Rubia breed that are born, grow and are sacrificed in Galicia proper.

Its texture is very tender, with a light pink color and an exclusive flavor. This delight is extracted from calves between 8 and 10 months of age, raised with breast milk until slaughtered, its food can be supplemented with vegetables, forages, cereals and high quality concentrates, where products of animal origin are completely exempt from Their diet.

On the other hand is the Galician calf, which unlike the supreme range, calves are raised in meadows and farms of family farms, but the traditional patterns of Galicia for breeding are preserved. Another difference is that these calves are weaned at any age and their diet is encouraged in vegetable concentrates and fodder with the same requirement to avoid products of animal origin, which guarantees the quality of the meat.

Both the quality of Veal Gallega Suprema and Veal Gallega, are duly certified in their place of sale, so it is completely normal to find in their cuts, the certification labels of Ternera Gallega Suprema of pink color and Tenera Gallega in color yellow.

Where to eat the best veal steak in Barcelona

If you’re wondering where to eat the best beef ribeye in Barcelona, ​​we’ll make it easy, at Restaurante Guitó. 😉

Each ribeye of Veal Galician or Supreme that we use in Guitó, undergoes a very careful and exact method of preparation in order to offer to the diner the best benefit of this incredible veal. The way to serve the ribeye of veal Galician, is in portions of about 600/700 gr. Your presentation is a cut of fil.